“For me, having boudoir photos taken is about self-empowerment. I have struggled with my body image for quite some time. Having photos taken like this help me put things into perspective. I feel strong and beautiful during the process and especially after when Whitney shows me the shots she has captured. I have shot photos with Whitney three times now, and she is truly the best. She knows how to show you what others see. She effortlessly captures inner and outer beauty. I have gone through some interesting things in my short lifetime and at times I feel beaten down. However, shooting with, and receiving photos from Whitney help build me up. Whitney facilitates a safe space for everyone. You can truly be yourself during the shoot and it shows in the photos. Boudoir is an excellent way to start to reclaim your body and love yourself for who you are. I can't say enough positive about the overall experience with Whitney and boudoir, in general.”

whitney lester