Whitney Lester Photography

Portraiture Collections pricing

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Collection 1 |$450|

1 hour shooting

1 outfit

Arrive ready

15 digitals

Collection 2 |$650|

1-2 hour shooting

2 outfits

Arrive ready

25 digitals


Collection 3 |$950|

1-2 hours shooting

Hair & makeup

3 outfits

Reveal session

35 digitals

$200 credit towards products

Add ons:

Reveal/ordering appointment |$100|

Hair & makeup |$100|

Additional products such as albums, books, wall art, prints, digitals can all be purchased separately from collections. For pricing details contact Whitneylestersphotography@gmail.com

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1. Choose a date with Whitney

2. Sign the contract & pay the booking fee

3. Fill out the questionnaire & read the guide.

4. Shop around for outfits & prep for your session

5. Arrive on time for your shoot

6. Hair & Makeup (1-1.5 hours)

7. Photoshoot (1-2 hours)

8. Part ways & Whitney edits your photos in 1-4 days.

9. Viewing & Ordering appointment a few days later.

10. Narrow down to your favs & choose final order.

11. Pay in full unless you set up a pre-payment plan

12. 4-6 weeks later receive your products, cry in excitement!


After your session we will schedule your reveal session usually 1 week after your session. During your reveal session we will go through all of the images from your gallery and decide which images you love the most for your products! Albums, heirloom boxes, wall art, etc.  There are collections available or ala carte options so it's completely customizable for each individual and their budget. We will go over detailed pricing and all of the products at your reveal session. 

  • A typical client invests $1,000-$3,000 total into their boudoir experience.

  • However, some clients stay between the $400-$700 range using the ala carte option.


We do offer payment plans!

One of the things i'm so happy to offer everyone is payment plans. I understand that this is going to be a major investment, but I can offer you a custom payment plan to best fit your budget. All the options are INTEREST FREE plans so any of these are a great choice.

Pre-payment plan- the pre-payment is perfect for the those who want to pre-pay and not wait on their products. We can set up a monthly payment plan with a minimum of $100/month for you to pre-pay into your account before your actual session. We recommend clients save between $1,500-$2,000 (however, some stay as low as $500). Any money paid into your pre-payment plan is non-refundable.

Pay-pal Credit- This is a great option for clients who want their products soon after their session. Paypal credit offers no interest/no payments for 6 months!

Whitney’s payment plan- If you don't qualify for Paypal Credit you can always do a payment plan through Whitney Lester Photography! It's $150 down to start your payment plan and the remaining balance is broken into 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly payments. You will receive your products once your payment plan is completed. Any payments paid on your payment plan are non-refundable.

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