Kaniesha-Glambassador shoot #4

"Growing up I’ve always been so competitive, comparing myself to others around me. Always wanting to be like someone else other than myself. As I got older I started to learn how to be myself & then I had the opportunities to do model calls. The only modeling experience I had was watching America’s Next Top Model. So I thought why not? I like to try new things. Then when Whitney started her facebook group, I wanted to try more, I wanted to feel confident like the other women she took pictures of. I have always found boudoir to be so sexy and confident. A different persona you could portray. As the group grew bigger and the more shoots I did the more I loved the idea of becoming a glambassador. Whitney saw that I would be a great representative for her group. I felt so special, I knew I had confidence but being chosen as a Glambassador really helped me figure out ME. It made me feel confident, made me feel strong and sexy. What more could a woman want to be. Now I was one of those role models I saw throughout the years. My confidence soared. In all parts of my life. I love making others feel special, women are supposed to uplift eachother and since I’ve joined this group of women I have never felt so supported." #mysquad #badboudiebabes

whitney lester